Got Products? Find Trucks!
Got Trucks? Find Products!

Pay the cheapest prices to ship your products by posting your shipping
contract online for different truck owners to bid for

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    What is this app about?The system includes a set of necessary tools for all participants of the road haulage market, consists of this site and a mobile application, with which the use of the system becomes even more convenient.

    Cheaper through Bidding

    Get the best deals in the market by posting your shipping requirements and kick back while vehicle owners bid for your contract.

    Convenient Online Booking Service

    Submit a shipping contract, browse through the bids posted on your contract, choose a provider, and track your shipment from pick up to delivery all from the comfort of your own home or office. 

    Safer through Sadad Payments

    Accurate bookkeeping, lower risk of theft, and easy payments from the comfort of your own home or office.


    Transparent through Live Tracking

    No more worrying about your shipment, you can now track your shipment live and chat directly to the driver through the app.

    Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Get your delivery details with images and e-signatures as soon as your shipment is delivered, via email and bid history. 

    Faster through Instant Allocation

    Book your shipment on the spot and the nearest provider will be sent to deliver your shipment asap.

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    “We aim to improve the industry’s standards and provide cost effective solutions” – The Kawafil Team

    What clients say

    “It’s got massive potential to structure a fragmented market” – Anonymous


    “Love it!” – Anonymous


    “We aim to improve the industry’s standards and provide cost effective solutions”

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    You can use our application wherever it is convenient. Phone, tablet, computer. Kawafil will always be with you and help grow your business. Kawafil is not only an application - it is a whole system that will help you develop your business, leaving all problems with finding transport a convenient intelligent system.


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