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Kawafil is a smartphone app and web portal that connects Product Owners and Vehicle Owners; making local, national and international shipping easily accessible and transparent.

For Product Owners, Kawafil is an easily accessible platform to choose the best shipping deal in the market for them, and track their shipments through the app’s live tracking software.

For Vehicle Owners and Drivers, Kawafil provides increased utilization of your vehicles, and greater access to the market, all by allowing you to maintain flexible working hours. 

Our Vision is to digitize the logistics industry in the Kingdom to maximise the markets convince, choice, and efficiency.

To ensure the shipping process flows smoothly we offer an Online Store Repair Service that provides our Vehicle Owners and Drivers with the ability to choose the nearest repair shop according to their location when needed.

Be the first to join Kawafil and lead the change towards a digital and highly efficient logistics industry! 


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